Retro Radio Memories: Ford Theater – “The Horn Blows At Midnight” (1949)

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Welcome back to another installment of Retro Radio Memories! Tonight for your listening enjoyment we have the radio adaptation of the 1945 film of the same name that was originally broadcast on the CBS radio network on March 4, 1949 entitled ‘The Horn Blows At Midnight’. Reprising his role from the film we have legendary funny man Jack Benny as Athanael the Avenging Angel who is tasked with arriving on Earth where he must blow his trumpet at midnight to signal the end of the world. This broadcast also features Claude Rains (The Invisible Man) as the Chief of the Small Planets of the Universe and he of course always brings his elegance to whatever project he was attached to.

You’ll hear some laughter in the background by the way when the announcer for the Ford Theater, Fletcher Markle, is announcing the radio production, that is because the film flopped very hard at the back office back in 1945 and caused some religious groups to become upset with the subject matter at the time.

So why not let the dishes soak for a little while longer, pull up a chair and turn the lights down low as you travel back to a simpler time with Retro Radio Memories and “The Horn Blows At Midnight”.


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