This Phillip Morris Music Video about Inventory Management is Out of this World!


In this Philip Morris presentation a silver-skinned space Nymph danced around the galaxy while singing a cover of Jump (For My Love) by the Pointer Sisters with lyrics about maximizing profit through proper cigarette inventory management (instead of jumping for love). I know the 1980s were an unusual time, but how exactly do all these elements come together like this? Think about it, if you were given a modest marketing budget to produce a video about cigarette inventory management would you come up with anything like this? The tragedy is that the genius who came up with this chunk of brilliance probably never went on to create bigger and bolder creative concept. Could you imagine what they could have done with a feature film about say…tobacco crop pest management?


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6 thoughts on “This Phillip Morris Music Video about Inventory Management is Out of this World!

  1. Even the Thunderbird 3 makes a cameo!

    Not only is this an amazing piece of industrial production it surely was a great demo for a post house.

    Every video effect bell and whistle was thrown in!

    Great stuff!

  2. I enjoy a lot of the posts I put up here on the site, but this particular one fills me with a sense of joy and wonder that is very difficult to describe.

  3. Derek says:

    Some CEOs kid had an Amiga computer with a video toaster board in it.

    Do a corporate video then can deduct it on your taxes.

  4. Daniel D says:

    Wow, just wow. I don’t think even back then, this would have made any sense to me. A really bad use of a NewTek Video Toaster.

    That said, she actually has a good voice.

  5. This… this is just amazing. And she’s so earnest about singing this piece of cigarette industry filk.

    I have to think this is what Ferengi pop music would sound like.

  6. “Ferengi pop music” — I think you might be right on the money with that.

    I always admire performers who commit to the moment, no matter what the product. Her dancing lip-synching are half the battle in making this as watchable as it is.

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