C’mon Little Levi’s Trademark, Time to go for a Walk


When I worked at our local video store, I encountered fellow TV commercial fans and it was during this that I realized I needed to start saving the videotapes I owned with commercials. One of the big influences was a guy who came in to trade rare tapes with an older guy who worked there. I got to jawing with him about commercials and he said he would bring me in a treat next time he was in. What he brought in was a copy of a tape labeled, “BEST COMMERCIALS EVER”. The first commercial on the tape, which contained about 40 really interesting commercials from the 1950s-early 1980s, was a commercial that I had never seen before.

It featured the Levi’s logo being taken for a walk through a trippy electronic wonderland. That culminated into a sneak peek into the future of Levi’s. I was fascinated by the ad and to this day it would still probably make it on my tape of top 40 commercials.


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