Was I The Only Kid In 1983 That Wanted The Max Rebo Band Toys?

Max Rebo Band - Return of the Jedi
I’ve stated before on the Retroist that I’ve always been more interested in the B and C list characters of Star Wars than the main heroes and villains. The other kids on the playground may have had Lando Calrissian and Han Solo…but I had Lobot and a Hoth Trooper…when we played together and our adventures needed someone to handle the bureaucratic running of tibanna gas mining operations, I was the go to guy. I’m not sure what my Hoth Trooper was doing with the shipment of tibanna gas he was receiving from Lobot but you can bet it arrived on time!

The Max Rebo band was a set of toys that I wanted back in the day but sadly never received them, which is a shame because I’m positive my Lobot could have helped their careers in the long run.

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