Do You Remember The Board Game “Masterpiece”? (1970)

Image courtesy of Magisterrex's Recycled Thoughts From A Retro Gamer.
Image courtesy of Magisterrex’s Recycled Thoughts From A Retro Gamer.

I have a great love for board games and one of the nice perks at working at the Arkadia Retrocade is that often our Players will be kind enough to donate old board games they no longer need. That is how I became introduced to the Masterpiece game from 1970 by Parker Brothers, where you get to become an art dealer and try to snatch up paintings and earn an enormous profit while doing so…and possibly trying to pass off a fake piece of artwork on your opponents at the same time.

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Thanks to friend to the Retroist site Magisterrex for the box cover image you see up top. Follow the link to his blog to learn even more about the game including it’s various updates and the versions from other countries.


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