Enjoy this Anti-Hippie Filmstrip from 1967

Enjoy this Anti-Hippie Filmstrip from 1967


I was in school well after the whole hippie thing had been played out in the country, but the board of education in my hometown did not see it that way and we saw many films and filmstrips like this in my school. Did I get the message? I am not sure, I was just so excited to be able to operate the film projector that I didn’t care what was on the screen. Instead, I would sit on the edge of my seat, anticipating the next beat and waiting to turn the knob and advance the strip.

We had these beautiful two-tone green filmstrip projectors that would get so warm that if you leaned over it for too long you might burn yourself. I would keep a comfortable distance and by the end of any film I was toasty as if I had sat by a fire. Boy, I miss those projectors.

Try and picture all that while watching this film. Maybe hang out over a running toaster to help complete the effect?

WARNING: Do not hang out over a toaster. You will burn yourself and ruin your toast (I learned that lesson the hard way).

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  1. WOW- over 30 minutes of anti-hippy lecturing?!
    When the classroom lights came back on at the end was everyone picking their head up off their desks and rubbing their eyes awake?

  2. This seemed at first like something shown in schools, but by the end it’s clearly aimed at parents. How on earth would they see such a thing? At church?

  3. At first I thought this video had to be some sort of a prank. But I did a search and found an article about the film from October 17, 1967 in the Lodi News-Sentinel announcing a showing of “The Hippies” at a local high school: http://bit.ly/196MUC4

  4. This is like the Fox News of the 60s!

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