Labyrinth – Hoggle Test Shoot Footage (1984)

Image courtesy of Jim's Red Book.
Image courtesy of Jim’s Red Book.

I don’t think I’ve ever hid my absolute love for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth on the site. As I have mentioned before in other posts I can still get a bit teary-eyed thinking about the morning my Father informed me the legendary Henson had passed away and I am thankful as I’ve gotten older that I can find immense enjoyment in the characters and legacy he left behind.

Which is why I love Jim’s Red Book so very much. Visitors to the site are treated to diary entries from Henson himself plus the chance to see rare behind the scenes photos and videos like the one below.

Here is the 1984 test footage for the character of Hoggle, performed by Shari Weiser, that was made to determine the sizes of the characters to each other in the film. You might have to turn it up a bit but you can hear Henson making comments about the character.

[Via] The Jim Henson Company


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