Seth Green CHA-CHINGs his way through the 1991 Saints vs Raiders Halftime Show


I enjoy the work of Seth Green, but I had never heard of his time as the Cha-Ching kid? In the early 1990s Green appeared in a commercial for a hamburger chain called Rallys, which I think I have seen as “Checkers” and during the commercial he used the term “cha-ching”. This caught on in the city of New Orleans and for a brief moment he was the belle of the city.

I like how Green embraces his role and continues to lay down Cha-ching after Cha-ching in what must have been an exhausting day. Here is a news report that covered Seth from his landing in New Orleans all the way up through the game. It includes clips from the commercial, for those of you who are like me and have never seen it.


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2 thoughts on “Seth Green CHA-CHINGs his way through the 1991 Saints vs Raiders Halftime Show

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    I am from the Southern Louisiana area and I remember these commercials as well as the Cha Ching movement with the Saints. If I recall correctly his character in the commercial was a sleezeball type who said cha-ching to mock the sound of a cash register over the speaker system at the drive thru. Rally’s do exist still here in Louisiana and I do believe they are owned by the checkers group and they are basically the same thing.

  2. Wes says:

    I remember the commercial- but it was for “Rally’s ” (what they called “Checkers” places in the South.) Seth did a Kool Aid commercial before his voice changed. he played a real brat.

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