What is a Hee Haw Deal??

This is the entire ad, with no reference to what a Hee Haw deal is? I thought the Hee Haw was the sound a donkey makes, so this is a donkey sound deal? Is it a reference to the show? It is so confusing? Anyone care to speculate on what a Hee Haw deal might be?

Okay, I was informed by someone who is a lot more observant then me, that the this is a direct reference to the show and that I should have read his overalls. Which I did not do. I am still not sure what a Hee Haw deal is (how deep a discount do you get by mentioning the show) but I now understand what they are referring to.



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6 thoughts on “What is a Hee Haw Deal??

  1. I learned a bit about Hee Haw today. When I looked at the ad, I did not see the Jr. Samples thing at all and I was not familiar enough with the characters to identify one by sight.

    Live and learn.

  2. We did not have a steady stream of Hee Haw in our market, but from time to time I would catch it at a weird time or on a UHF station. It felt like another world, when compared to New Jersey right outside of New York City and I found it intriguing as heck.

  3. John Hopkins says:

    Bartow Ford is a little out of my way but maybe next time I drive through maybe I’ll stop by and ask for the HEE HAW deal.

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