Taunt the Lion at the London Zoological Gardens in 1896


Want to escape the drudgery of your workaday London life? Just hop on the train and you will be whisked away to the fabulous London Zoological Gardens. There, you can marvel at beasts brought from around the empire for your viewing pleasure. SEE the mighty elephant! SEE the strange and fabulous giraffe! SEE the king of the jungle the lion and then spend the rest of the afternoon taunting this giant cat until it enters a killing rage! Then laugh at its impotency by throwing peanuts at it while it swats its giant paw just inches from your face.

This is fun for the entire family, so make sure to bring the kids!

I know this guy in the video is trying to get it to move around and do “tricks”, but I do not see one moment in this film where it does not look like the lion desperately wants to maul this guy to death.


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2 thoughts on “Taunt the Lion at the London Zoological Gardens in 1896

  1. Max Power says:

    I was rooting for the lion. I wanted to see him get out and eat that guy who was taunting him

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