RCA SelectaVision VCR

RCA SelectaVision VCR

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I ran across this beautiful behemoth over the weekend at my local Goodwill. The RCA SelectaVision was the first VHS VCR sold in the United States, back in 1977. The very first models had two large knobs on the front right of the unit for changing channels. The second version of the unit replaced those knobs with square silver buttons. You can see the buttons on this model, which makes it the 1979 model.

I left my thumb in the photo on purpose just to give you a sense of scale. This thing is gigantic. According to the documentation I found, it weighs around 40 pounds. When it debuted, RCA’s SelectaVision VCR sold for $999. In today’s market, that would be around $3,700.

Courtesy of CEDMagic.com

Here is a Youtube review I found by a fellow who owns this same model.

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