Rankin And Bass’ ‘The Wind In The Willows’ (1987)

The Wind in the Willows - Rankin and Bass
My friends, much like the month of October it appears the trend of stumbling upon entertainment of worth that somehow slipped past the radar of my youth is continuing into the month of November!

Take for example this animated TV movie adaptation by Rankin and Bass of the Wind in the Willows, featuring the vocal talent of Charles Nelson Reilly (Lidsville, Match Game) as Mr. Toad, Roddy McDowell (Planet of the Apes) as Ratty, José Ferrer (Cyrano De Bergerac) as Badger, Eddie Bracken (Tales From The Darkside) as Moley, and the legendary Paul Frees (Rocky and Bullwinkle) as Wayfarer.

It originally aired back in 1987 but had in fact been finished in 1985, this was sadly the last project produced by Rankin and Bass. Until today I had never had the pleasure of seeing it and thanks to Nate Newton you too can enjoy this feature length animated movie.


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