Johnny Steele – The Face of Rock

I keep my hair this high so that it is closer to my home among the stars...
I keep my hair this high so that it is closer to my home among the stars…

Hey creeps, if you were a shape-shifting alien bounty hunter with a head that resembled a massive wad of phosphorescent pre-chewed Bubble-Yum, what would you do to blend in on ol’ planet Earth while you hunted ultra bitey porcupines with a taste for national treasure Billy Zane? Well, the answer is quite simple actually, you’d reverse melt that melon of yours into the shape of massive hair sportin’, high jumpin’ rock superstar Johnny Steele…the only logical choice to go incognito in the middle of America’s heartland where every radio and titanic floor model Zenith is blaring Steele’s Power of the Night twenty four hours a day. I think the wad of gum would have been noticed less…

Video from Youtube user Monica Amonyxia

Daniel XIII

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