The Burger King Double Deluxe


The Burger King next to the arcade I liked to go to was an attractive nuisance. I would not be able to play my video games without the smell of flame-broiled meat tempting me from across the parking lot. It also didn’t help that they had this big sign advertising whatever new product they had along with a price that would stick in my head throughout my gaming experience. It would become a constant nagging, “Remember to save enough for a value meal…” Because of this, I collected a lot of BK Premiums, I had a stack of crowns and I was able to try a lot of Burger King foods that did not remain on the menu as permanent additions.

The Burger King Double Deluxe was a bacon double cheeseburger with all the trimmings and since it was new, it probably was cheap and on the big white sign, which is why I remember it (plus I really like the name).


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