Did you see the Pilot for “The Robinsons: Lost in Space”?


In 2004, WB produced a pilot for a reboot of the classic TV series, “Lost in Space”. In this updated version, Brad Johnson was cast John Robinson, Jayne Brook as Maureen Robinson, Adrianne Palicki as Judy Robinson, Ryan Malgarini as Will Robinson, and Mike Erwin as Don West. Sadly the pilot did not have a Dr. Smith (although it did have a robot).

I did not see the pilot back in 2004, but I watched it last night online and it is not bad. Although it lacks the vibe of the original show, it has some potential. Perhaps the show might have had more success if they had not connected the show to the original show and just created a new show that was about a family traveling in space. Comparisons can do a lot of harm.

You can judge for yourself, the entire pilot has been posted online.


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