Retro Radio Memories: The Whistler – “Beware The Bridegroom” (1944)

Old Time Radio
Here at the Retroist we continue to do our level best to make sure that you are properly ready for Halloween! So for this Retro Radio Memories we offer for your listening pleasure an episode of the Whistler entitled ‘Beware the Bridegroom’!

The Whistler with his obvious signature whistle originally began broadcasting on the CBS Radio Network back on May 16, 1942 and ran until September 22, 1955. It is a much beloved mystery program that normally included a twist ending in the tale with the character of the Whistler acting as Narrator and moral Judge to the wrong doers.

Turn down the lights and travel with us back to a simpler time as we keep our ears open for the Whistler and his warning to ‘Beware the Bridegroom’!


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