Media Retail Promo for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 from 1987


I worked in a video store when I was younger and we would get media promos like this all the time. Once watched by the owner or manager they would sit on this shelf for a month or two and then went into the “take me” pile. When that happened it was employee Thunderdome as we would all make a mad rush to get these tapes to add to our collection. I was not a big horror collector back then, so I did not get my hands on something like this, but watching it now, it has a lot more personality then most of the promos I got my hands on.

My favorite part of this video is just in the first minute when the narrator refers to Freddy as a “hero” and then in the very next sentence calls him a “vile maniac”.

Prepare for 7 minutes of 80s horror retail promo magic…


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