Media Retail Promo for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 from 1987


I worked in a video store when I was younger and we would get media promos like this all the time. Once watched by the owner or manager they would sit on this shelf for a month or two and then went into the “take me” pile. When that happened it was employee Thunderdome as we would all make a mad rush to get these tapes to add to our collection. I was not a big horror collector back then, so I did not get my hands on something like this, but watching it now, it has a lot more personality then most of the promos I got my hands on.

My favorite part of this video is just in the first minute when the narrator refers to Freddy as a “hero” and then in the very next sentence calls him a “vile maniac”.

Prepare for 7 minutes of 80s horror retail promo magic…


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4 thoughts on “Media Retail Promo for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 from 1987

  1. Freddie scared me quite a bit as a kid. But when he started making appearances and doing silly things like this he went from bad to rad. I dressed up as Freddie several times for Halloween and even made my own glove. This was a fun trip down memory lane.

  2. That was awesome! I’ve never seen one of those. However, I bet those were fun (and a pain) to put together. You have to get out a lot of information and a sales pitch in a way that is interesting. Great find.

  3. They certainly are. For shows I work on (my TV career is mostly award shows), I’ve edited several sales reels that cut together news clips, tweet stats, FB stats, viral clips and red carpet that the network sales team and talent department will use to for the next year’s show. This is how I know that trying to get all that information in fast and fun way can be tricky.

    Now, this one is very specialized since it used the actual talent from the film. It’s a little dated in the format, so I’m not sure it would be done like this. I can tell you that getting the talent to do this would be very difficult – especially in the era of social media where you have to pay just to get someone to tweet something. However, I’m going to ask around – I am curious. There are SO many markets for content and they all need a way to sell to them.

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