Retro Radio Memories: Lights Out – “The Ball/Paris Macabre” (1943)

Halloween is just ten more days away…the weather has turned rainy and the trees have started to change color in advance to welcome the Autumn People properly…at least in my neck of the woods. So what better way to continue to build up the anticipation of the 31st of October than listening to a classic episode of Lights Out?

This episode entitled “The Ball” or sometimes “Paris Macabre” originally aired on the CBS Radio Network in 1943 and focuses on a pair of young men traveling through France. Purchasing admittance into a special party from a stranger they are surprised on their arrival to learn it is something of a masquerade ball…though oddness abounds all around the young men…what happens when the masks on the partygoers come off?

So why not turn down the lights and settle into your favorite chair, grab your favorite hot beverage and join us as we discover the secrets of the “The Ball”?


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