Elsie the Cow and Beauregard for Borden’s Chocolate Milk


You might not know a lot about Elsie the cow, even though you know her from your Borden Milk products. Here is a little info…

She has a whole cow family. Elsie’s husband is Elmer the Bull who you might know as the mascot for Elmer’s Glue and together they had 4 children Beulah, Beauregard, Larabee and Lobelia.

In this ad from the 1970s, Beauregard (that scamp), wants some delicious Dutch Chocolate milk. He could drink a whole gallon, but Elsie being the smart cow insists on moderation and that he should only have 1 glass at a time.

This must be some strong milk, because just the one glass sends Beauregard careening into the cow family flower patch.



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