Nickleodeon’s Mystery Magical Special


The Mystery Magical Special first aired in 1986 and would continue to run on Nickelodeon for years afterwards. I do not think I caught it the year it premiered, but they brought it out every year around Halloween and I was a big Marc Summers fan, so I started watching it.

The special involves Marc and some kids in a spooky mansion with some magicians and dealing with some creepy stuff including this bizarre demon. In the end it is all revealed to be a magicians trick and group departs.

Look for a cameo from Gomez Addams (John Astin) at the start of special and pictured above.


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One thought on “Nickleodeon’s Mystery Magical Special

  1. No love for Jonathan Brandis in the description? The “It” made for TV movie, Neverending Story 2, Seaquest DSV, Ladybugs! He is greatly missed.

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