The Better Days Vintage Halloween Reader

The Better Days Book Vintage Halloween Reader is a collection of older Halloween writings. It contains Ruth Edna Kelley’s The Book of Halloween, as well as another set of what look to be magazine articles about the history and/or practices of Halloween. It follows that with several older articles about how to celebrate Halloween, some Halloween fiction, and some Halloween sheet music.
Better Days
This book was interesting to me for a few reasons. One is that I hadn’t found the fiction in this book anywhere else. Another is that it gave me a deeper glimpse into Halloween, a glimpse into Halloween as it was understood and celebrated by long ago generations. The third, and biggest, was that the book contains a lot of old Halloween imagery. The text is full of very old pictures. These pictures reminded me of the postcards Metagirl posts here and were too fun to pass up.
Better Days Image
I understand Halloween to be in large part about coming in contact with older days and people. If that is how you understand it as well, this book may help you celebrate it. You can get it from here.


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