Today I salute one-hit-wonder Eighties icon Clara Peller

Who's that you ask?  Why it's the where's the beef lady.
Who’s that you ask? Why it’s the where’s the beef lady.

What is that you ask? It’s a catchphrase from a Wendy’s commercial that swept the nation in 1984. If I remember correctly, there were alerts in the newspaper informing folks of which show would broadcast the advertisement. People lost their minds over this.

My parents would howl with laughter, wiping away tears, every time this ad came on. What was so funny about it you ask? I still, to this day, have no idea. “Where’s the beef” seemed like a perfectly legitimate question, considering the bun to patty ratio. As far as I’m concerned it’s group of sweet elderly ladies that are just trying to get a decent burger.

I suppose some people were tickled by the underlying insinuation, but if a group of ribald senior citizens is your cup of tea – look no farther than the Golden Girls.

Peller was 81 when she shot to fame in the 80’s and only got to enjoy her cult status until she passed in 1987. I hope she found the beef.


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