Disney’s Trick or Treat/Haunted Mansion LP


I had this album as a kid and listened to it frequently (even when it wasn’t Halloween). The first side is an audio version of Disney’s “Trick or Treat” starring Donald Duck and his nephews, the second side is a story of a couple seeking shelter in a haunted house (as a kid I knew nothing about the Haunted Mansion ride, so had no idea that the story was based on the ride). The Haunted Mansion story used to spook me as a kid, so even though it was officially the second side of the album, I always listened to it first and then listened to Trick or Treat to lighten the mood. I did always love the “Grim Grinning Ghosts” song though.

You can listen to the stories here:

…And this is the cartoon that the Trick or Treat one is based on:



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