Because Sinistar Should Be A Character In A Childrens Book!

Dick and Jane - Sinistar
I’m not sure that William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp had fully thought out their newest character of Sinistar in the updated 1982 childrens book release ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’. I’ve heard in fact that it proved so controversial that all of the copies of the book had been pulled by the publisher and destroyed. Thankfully a future friend of the Arkadia Retrocade was quick enough to save one page from the book and share it with us!


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7 thoughts on “Because Sinistar Should Be A Character In A Childrens Book!

  1. Chris Ayers says:

    Also one of the most difficult coin-ops EVER. I’ve never gotten past Level 3, in all these years.

  2. @Vinvectrex As always, my friend, you’ve pointed out an important truth. Perhaps now though we will be able to spread the word, the importance of our children knowing they should run when they see Sinistar.

    @Chris Ayers You are quite correct. Sinistar is a HARD game!

  3. Scott says:

    I would so read this book!! My friend Chris Ayers and I logged many an hour at Aladdian’s Arcade in Rock Hill, SC playing this game. I think I made it to level four one time in my life, but I had just had a large cherry Icee so I may have not been in my right mind.

  4. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Just as well they didn’t preserve the page with Sinistar’s blood-curdling scream.
    Quite graphic for a children’s book

    But also quite instructional.

    Strongly encourages young ones to not skip any Phys. Ed. classes.

  5. That’s right Atari Adventure Square, but it also ties into the Zombie Apocalypse…you don’t have to be the fastest…just faster than the person behind you. ;)

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