Behind The Scenes: Dead and Buried (1981)

Image courtesy of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.
Image courtesy of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

What you see my friends in that Behind the Scenes photo from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts is the late great Stan Winston himself working on a special effect for the 1981 horror film ‘Dead and Buried’.

[Via] The 42nd Street Mutant

Dead and Buried is a great little horror flick and one that I sadly didn’t have the chance to see for myself until just a couple of years ago. I had walked by it at the video store a million times and I guess it’s because the cover never really caught my eye, not even when I was working at said video store! What happened is a friend of mine gave me a box of his old video tapes, films he had recorded off HBO, one night I started watching Dead and Buried…he had put a couple of movies on the tape before it and ended up cutting off the last 30 minutes of the film! Thankfully for me the very next week Netflix put it up on their instant service and I was able to finish it.

If you’ve not had the chance to enjoy this quirky film I think you owe to yourself to seek it out, especially during this time of the year!

A big thanks by the way to Ain’t It Cool News for the heads up on the behind the scenes photo.


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