These 1986 ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Stickers Make The Perfect Halloween Treat!

These 1986 ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Stickers Make The Perfect Halloween Treat!

Little Shop of Horrors A
First of all, I want to thank my good friends at the Arkadia Retrocade for surprising me last night with this fantastic retro Halloween treat! An unopened pack of Little Shop of Horrors card/stickers from back in 1986. I’m pretty sure it was destiny because as I opened the packet the first sticker I spied was my favorite character from the classic Frank Oz directed musical comedy.

Steve Martin…as Orin Scrivello – D.D.S.
Little Shop of Horrors Stickers B

The interesting thing about this particular set is they are cards and stickers both. One side has a sticker and the other is either a piece of a larger picture or a photo from the film with word balloons.

Little Shop of Horror Stickers C

Little Shop of Horrors Stickers D

I personally can’t recall a card/sticker series that I’ve seen before that did that, it seems that Topps as usual was ahead of the curve when they released these. Though I don’t have the complete set I’m going to assume that the completed image on the back of the cards was for the deleted scene from the film where Audrey II takes over the world, at least judging from what we can see on this card.

Little Shop of Horrors Stickers H


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