Tabitha, the Bewitched Sequel

So.. It’s October now, and what goes better with October than witches? Pretty little blonde witches of course!


Of course, everyone who hasn’t been on mars for the past 52 years knows the classic series “Bewitched”, with everybody’s favorite nose twitching blonde. What most people don’t know though is that there was a sequel/spinoff a few years after Bewitched ended. This show was titled “Tabitha” and (unsurprisingly) focused on Samantha’s daughter Tabitha, from the original show.

This show also featured her brother Adam, but no other characters from the previous show. This creates a plot-hole however, as in this show Adam has no powers (despite having had them in Bewitched). In this series Adam fills the role of Darrin, as the guy who’s always trying to stop Tabitha from using her witchly powers. In place of Endora, this show introduces a new relative, “Aunt Minerva”, who encourages Tabitha to use her powers.

“Tabitha” has problems with time relative to “Bewitched”. It was supposedly set just a few years after “Bewitched” ended, yet Tabitha and Adam are suddenly almost 20 years older. Speaking of older, Adam is suddenly the elder sibling in this show.

The plot of “Tabitha” is that Tabitha is living on her own in “modern” (1970s) times, in an apartment, while working for a television studio. Her boss is an egotistical jerk, but for some reason she’s romantically interested in him. The show was unpopular and only lasted for a single season.


There was also an early pilot, with the titled spelled as “Tabatha”. This one featured different actors and a vastly different plot. In the “Tabatha” pilot, Adam is a full-fledged warlock who makes little effort to hide his powers (much like Endora on “Bewitched”), also like Endora, he tries to convince Tabitha to give up her mortal ways and embrace her witchcraft. Tabitha on the other hand takes a position very similar to Samantha in “Bewitched” and tries to live a mortal existence. She tells her boyfriend about her powers, and after some initial disbelief he accepts her and they live happily ever after (or at least so we must assume, since this version of the series never took off). In all, this pilot is little more than a rewrite of the initial “Bewitched” story. It’s intense similarity to the original show is probably why it was never picked up.

Appropriately enough (both for the series and for this article), the first episode of “Tabitha” is titled “The Halloween Show”.


In this episode, it’s Halloween time and Paul Thurston publicly makes fun of witches on his TV show. Unfortunately for him a head witch was watching and put a hitwitch on him. The hitwitch turns up in the form of a young girl who pretends to be his god-daughter so that she can stay in his apartment and give him a hard time with her witchcraft. Of course Tabitha comes to the rescue and everyone goes home happy.

I think this series wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good either. It has charm and potential, but nobody seemed to put much effort into it. Both the stories and the acting are decidedly lackluster. Being lackluster is worse for a show than being outright bad. If you’re a bad show, then at least people will talk about you and remember you, but when you’re a lackluster show you’re out of people’s’ minds as soon as they change the channel.


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