Want To Be The Life Of Your Halloween Party? Bring Along ‘Barnabas Collins In A Funny Vein’!

Image courtesy of the Decaying Hollywood Mansions Facebook page.
Image courtesy of the Decaying Hollywood Mansions Facebook page.

Though if you bring this Dark Shadows inspired joke book with you I should have stated that you might be the Death of the party.

Question: When does Barnabas go shopping?
Answer: Only when the stores have giant sales. He buys giants.

Questions: Why does Barnabas use make-up when he goes on TV?
Answer: Otherwise he’d have…Dark Shadows.

Question: How does Barnabas open the door to his house?
Answer: He uses a skeleton key.

Question: Why did Barnabas accept the part in DARK SHADOWS?
Answer: Because they said he could drink on the job.

Sadly that is about all I’ve been able to find about this late 1960s joke book but thanks to the Decaying Hollywood Mansions Facebook page at least we know what the cover to the book looks like.


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