A Halloween Princess in Indiana (1981)

My elementary school did Halloween up really big and everyone dressed up for the day and nothing was learned. Sadly no pictures were taken, so all I have are the great memories. To help myself remember though, I like to browse old photos of Halloween’s past and see what costumes people were wearing back then. This photo is from 1981 and features a Princess, which was a pretty popular choice in my school if memory serves me right (and this was before the Disney Princesses craze).

If you look in the foreground there is an amazing store-bought Frankenstein Monster and behind him some sort of demon in a shawl or something that kind of creeps me out.


Photo via Barbara Ann Spengler


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2 thoughts on “A Halloween Princess in Indiana (1981)

  1. My gradeschool had dress up day near halloween every year. Everyone would bring their costumes, most of the day would be normal, but then everyone would get dressed up, and go on parade through the school. IIRC, they broke down the parade by grades, when it was your grade’s turn everyone would line up & march down the halls & through all the other classrooms to show off your costumes. I remember one time I had a crayon costume made of poster board & had to stand the whole time. I remember one year the girl I had a crush on re-used her statue of liberty costume from the school’s statue of liberty centennial play (which I also had a couple minor roles in). The school would always play these spooky sound effects over the PA system during the costume parade, I always wanted to find a copy of the record they used (and yes, it was a record, this was the 1980s :p ). There were also some parents there (I think they were all PTA people) taking photos, my mother was one of them. I have a slew of costume parade photos somewhere.

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