What If The War of the Worlds Musical had Been Animated By Ralph Bakshi?

War of the Worlds - Jeff Wayne

At the insistence of my erstwhile companion of the outré Vic Sage, I am going to share this little nugget of pure awesome uploaded to YouTube by user Jonno71 (who just so happens to own the actual 16mm print)…the original 1978 promo film used to advertise Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds!

This mini opus, highly reminiscent of Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings adaptation from the same year, only makes one wish that a full on theatrical version of the piece had been produced! So, sit back, turn down the lights, and drift back to the Victorian age as Martian war machines ravage the land while their commanders screams of “ULLA” split asunder skies turned ruddy from the beams of unholy heat rays!


(Editor: Here is a clearer version of the video but the sound quality is poorer)
[Via] Powderworks Records

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