Jim Henson “Southern Bread” TV Commercial (1966)

As Jim’s Red Book reports, Knoxville advertising executive Edwin Huster wrote to Jim Henson in July of 1965. The two men had a working relationship thanks to the Kern’s Bakery ads on television featuring the characters Tommy and Fred.

Image courtesy of the Muppet Wiki.
Image courtesy of the Muppet Wiki.

Due to a possible similarity between the characters used for the C and P Telephone Company and those in the Kern’s Bakery TV ads, Huster had the idea of going with the old corporate icon for Southern Bread, the Southern Colonel.

Image courtesy of the Jim Henson Company Archives.
Image courtesy of the Jim Henson Company Archives.

Thanks to the cartoon images like the one you see above, Jim Henson and Don Sahlin were able to craft a puppet that bore resemblance to the older corporate image and ended up filming 16 TV spots like this one from back in 1966. A TV ad that bears that wonderful sense of humor that Jim Henson and his colleagues possessed!

[Via] The Henson Company YouTube Channel

Make sure to follow the link provided up top to get even more information about the Southern Colonel TV spots!


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