K-Mart Atari 2600 TV Commercial Proves Dad Doesn’t Like Being Upstaged On “Asteroids”!

KMart - Asteroids
This 1980s Atari 2600 ad for K-Mart stores and the gaming bargains that could be found there has a lot of things going for it. It shows a family in their living room enjoying the Atari 2600 and the Asteroids port in particular. It does show that the young Son playing Asteroids is getting encouragement from the rest of his family…his Mother and Sister maybe…but not his Dad. That guy is a sore loser.

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6 thoughts on “K-Mart Atari 2600 TV Commercial Proves Dad Doesn’t Like Being Upstaged On “Asteroids”!

  1. …and the Atari was returned the next day. “Who’s the champion now Jimmy? Who’s the big winner now?!!! DADDY, JIMMY! DADDY IS…THE…WINNER…THe…winner…Daddy…oh sweet gin, lessen life’s bitter sting…”

  2. Ha, ha! Bravo to you Patrick and Daniel, bravo! While my Father never gave me an almost look of disgust while we played the Atari 2600 like that Dad does in the commercial…there was once a slightly heated confrontation involving the ‘high score’ on Star Raiders.

    It involved some choice words from my Father and a spiked keypad controller that thankfully didn’t break.

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