Lite Brite, Making things with Light


Thinking back to when I was a young kid I realized that I was jealous of a lot of the toys that my older brother had. Whether it was his slot car race track or his train table I would hover over his shoulder begging him for a turn. Well that all changed, for a few days at least when I got a Lite Brite for my birthday. I was mesmerized by the illumination of those little translucent colored pegs, and though the black paper had little white dots to instruct where to place those pegs for certain pre-made images I always felt like I made a masterpiece.

One day after school my mother called my brother and I into the back room where my Lite Brite was set up. When we walked through the door my brother & I noticed that there was another Lite Brite next to mine.She had seen how much I enjoyed mine and how my brother would beg me for a turn and so she got him one. The Lite Brite he got was used, I think a 70’s model with a bag full of mixed pegs and a huge stack of black peg paper.The funny thing was that I used mine for years after that day but my brother got tired of his after only 2 or 3 days. And that was the only time I knew of my brother being envious of something I had.


I grew up in western New York in the late 70's early-mid 80's playing with my Star Wars and Fisher Price adventure people. I have to say it was a good time.

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