Ladies and Gentlemen…the Dancing Rolos!


Long before the California Raisins danced and sang their way into our hearts. The Hershey Company attempted to drum up support for their candy “Rolos”, with a similar concept. These “Dancing Rolos” are simply people in costumes, but they are absolutely charming to watch. I especially enjoy when they try to jump through the hoop and miss.

Does anyone else get in this weird drooling state when they eat Rolos? I have been eating for a long time, but when I eat Rolos, it is like I can’t keep them in my mouth. I am gross.


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2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen…the Dancing Rolos!

  1. HA! Remember this one once I saw the Rolo crash intothe hoop instead of going thru it and the reveal of the very feminine caramel center. Wish today’s commercials were made with gags and/or stories and/or catchy jingles instead of just men in blue shirts shouting about their products.

  2. That commercial is amazing! You’d never see people dressed up as Rolos in commercials these days, it’d all be animated, sadly. Rolos are delicious– have you ever had Rolo milk? I think it might be a Canadian thing, but worth seeking out!

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