MST3K: The Movie on Blu-Ray

“Every Year Hollywood Makes Hundreds of Movies.  This is one of them!”
“Every Year Hollywood Makes Hundreds of Movies. This is one of them!”

Perhaps the tagline for Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie simply didn’t resonate with most moviegoers. Maybe those unfamiliar with the TV show didn’t know what to expect. And maybe those who did know the TV show didn’t feel it was worthwhile to see something on the big screen similar to what they could get at home. In any event, this movie bombed at theaters. And that’s just too bad. Because, as the Washington Post correctly pointed out, “MST3K: The Movie probably provides more LPM (laughs per minute) than most Hollywood comedies.”

I can attest that although I saw this movie in a nearly empty theater, it still ranks as one of the best movie going experiences I’ve ever had.

So, if you too missed out, now is the time to treat yourself. MST3K: The Movie is has recently been released on Blu-ray. And, it is a double retro treat. You get the nearly 20-year-old film mocking 1955’s This Island Earth. Fortunately, most of the jokes hold up as well as they did in 1995. And, This Island Earth is great to watch – both for its often inadvertently hilarious earnest sci-fi and its truly remarkable special effects.

So, if you buy only one Blu-ray this year featuring robots cracking jokes about aliens with exposed brains or the science of waffle-making, make it this one.

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