Spider-Man Web Splashers. It’s Spider-Man, but for the Tub!


Gentlemen, take a seat. I want to talk to you about bath time and our lack Marvel bath time toys. Now you all know that Simmons here has been working on a line of Sub-Mariner toys, but those have not been testing well. Kids just don’t care for Prince Namor, even with the colorful “Gambit-style” make-over we gave him.

I have asked you all to think outside the box and time and again you have come up with nothing. I went home last night and while lounging in my tub, it hit me.

(Long Pregnant Pause)

I would like to propose something a little different. Spider-man…in…water.


Yes, it will be amazing! Spidey will fight all of his normal enemies, but in a wet-suit and he will have a weird symbiote shark pet!



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