Do You Remember Filter Queen Vacuums?
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Do You Remember Filter Queen Vacuums?

Strange how some memories from your childhood are so prominent, others are still there, but take a little jump-start to dig them out of the dark corners of the mind, then they come rushing out. Such is the case of the Filter Queen vacuum. Door to door sales are not what they used to be, but I can remember salesmen coming by trying to sell Fuller Brushes, Encyclopedia Britannica, Vacuums, and other fundraising stuff.

I even got involved through advertisements in my comics and Boy’s Life selling flower and vegetable seeds, and the Sales Leadership Club that got you to hawk address books, 7 in 1 kitchen tools, desktop organisers, etc. all for the chance to get prizes based on the number of items you sold. I had my eye on a sweet bicycle one summer, with a cool banana seat and ape hanger handlebars, but I digress.


I remember the Filter Queen salesman coming by and putting on this big demonstration, throwing dirt on our carpet, making such a big fuss over how much cleaner our house would be if we used their product. You did not just buy a vacuum cleaner, you got an entire home cleaning system. Below is a picture of most of the accessories you got when you purchased the unit.

What made me remember about this brown beast that was in our family for several decades, was when my Mom decided to sell the old home place a few years after my Dad passed away, and when we were cleaning out the house, I ran across the Vibrator (massager). Then I started to remember all of the other attachments sold with it, like the sudser, the Pow-r Polisher and of course, the hair dryer:

Get a friend to bring their Filter Queen over, and you could have some good times!!


Full blown child of the 70's and 80's...

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  1. Do you remember filterqueen? It hasn’t gone anywhere! Im glad this is posted it cool to see the different attachments filterqueen has had over the years. The majestic is a great tool everyone needs! The defender is just the best thing ever! Happy filterqueen owner

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