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80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 12

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Hey friends! The latest 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode is up for your listening pleasure. So come join Doug, Claymation Werewolf, Phishbon3s and I as we discuss the 12th episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone series.

Once again we have two segments for this particular episode, “Her Pilgrim Soul” and “I of Newton” that originally aired back on December 13th, 1985 on CBS. The former being by far the longer segment and one of the most moving of the 1985 Twilight Zone series so far.

“Her Pilgrim Soul”
Twilight Zone - Her Pilgrim Soul
When scientists, Kevin Drayton (Kristoffer Tabori) and Daniel Gaddis (Gary Cole) run a test on their new holographic projector they are rightfully shocked to discover that there appears to be an image of a human fetus being projected. Thinking there must have been a glitch somewhere they reboot the system and call it a night. Upon returning to the lab however Kevin finds an image of a little girl crying and she begins reprimanding the scientist for leaving her all alone through the night. Soon Kevin and Daniel learn that the child is named Nola Granville (Danica McKellar/Anne Twomey) and is rapidly aging. It quickly becomes apparent that Nola Granville was an actual person but died many years ago…the question is why is her image manifesting itself to Kevin and Daniel?

“I of Newton”
Twilight Zone - I of Newton
We are introduced to Sam, a Professor of Mathematics and he is furiously trying to solve a rather difficult math problem. In a moment of frustration at not being able to overcome the equation he loudly claims he would sell his soul for the answer to the problem. At that “the Devil” (Ron Glass), though it’s described more like he is a devil and not THE Devil appears to help Sam out in exchange for an eternity of servitude. The bad news is Sam cannot get out of the offer, if he gets the answer to the problem he loses his soul, if he decides to not accept the devil’s aid he will lose his soul. Sam does however get to ask three questions of the devil and then ask a final question or demand a task be accomplished. Can Sam beat the devil at his own game?

So when you get a moment why not visit the link provided in this post or drop by the McCoyCast Site or iTunes and give it a listen? If you like what you hear why not drop us some feedback and let us know if you agree or disagree with our decisions on the merit of each segment?


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