In the 80s This Transformers Paint By Numbers Featuring “Hound” Was Fine Art!

Paint By Numbers
Sure, back in the 1960s you could get Paint By Numbers sets like the one you see above and not to knock Gainsborough’s Blue Boy of course but by the mid-1980s you could obtain Transformers Paint By Numbers…and be honest with yourself, which would you prefer hanging in your home?
Transformers - Hound - Paint By Numbers
This particular ‘painting’ of Hound is actually mine, one of the treasures I’ve discovered while cleaning out the back bedroom. I think it’s pretty evident I wasn’t real keen on going back to lay on a second layer of paint as you can still see the numbers underneath!


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3 thoughts on “In the 80s This Transformers Paint By Numbers Featuring “Hound” Was Fine Art!

  1. I never knew there were TF paint by numbers. I always liked paint by number kits & I loved transformers, those things would have been like gold to me.

  2. Yet another thing I’ve forgotten about. I had this one. I remember going back over it with a thin tipped black marker to cover up where I painted over the lines :)

    I had an ESB set too.

  3. Friends, it’s funny that at the moment I’ve been unable to find any other photos for this brand of Paint By Numbers, I’ve found He-Man and Strawberry Shortcake, etc. I wonder if they weren’t made in a large supply?

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