Think Reagan ended the Cold War? Or maybe Rocky IV? Perhaps they did. But Russkies certainly helped finish it off.


Russkies is a 1987 film about three boys in Florida (including Peter Billingsley and Joachin “Leaf” Phoenix) who find a stranded Russian sailor named Mischa. I was faintly aware of it during the 80s, but I never saw it. I’m not even sure I saw a trailer for it. And that’s really too bad because Russkies has all the classic elements of good 80s cinema. We have an “alien”, fish out of water character, enemies who become friends, unrequitable love (including a slow kiss while fireworks explode overhead), a bigoted opponent who comes in at just the wrong time, a daring plan to foil the powers that be, a couple of montages, wish fulfillment, and a finale in which everyone comes to understand each other. If you’ve been missing that unique feeling of glastnost and are looking for a way to get it back, you could do worse than Russkies.


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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