Parker Brothers Nerf Soccer Ball (1979)


I remember hanging out with friends who suddenly got into this sport called “soccer”. I had heard about it on TV, but I had no idea what it was or how to play it. The friends who “discovered” the sport might have known how to play, but we were not equipped to play, which means we did not have a soccer ball. So we used what was on hand, a basketball. I am not sure if you ever tried to play soccer with a basketball, but it is not pleasant. It hurts your foot and if you decide to use your head, you will be seeing stars.

I would not see a “real” soccer ball for many years, but we would get the next best thing, a Nerf Soccer ball. Suddenly this sport was a little fun, until my dog discovered the Nerf soccer ball and its seemingly delicious foam. Then it was back to football and wiffle ball.


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2 thoughts on “Parker Brothers Nerf Soccer Ball (1979)

  1. Jim D says:

    God forbid you left this in the yard in the rain or it got wet. It was as heavy as a bowling ball. And I recall the seam of the ball from the mold or whatever they fabricated it out of being very hard. Like they couldnt trim that excess.

  2. ddsw says:

    Damn, I totally had one of these. Even more fun than the real thing. And yeah, it tended to get waterlogged if you left it out in the rain.

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