A Tour of the Worlds Largest Lunchbox Collection


In this video from Cool Hunter, we get a tour of the world’s largest Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, OH. Situated in the back of the Rivermarket Antique Mall, it is owned by Allen Woodall. The video has Woodall, walking us through his amazing collection, which spans generations, styles and materials. Definitely a stop I am going to try to make if I am ever back in Columbus (which needs to be soon).


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6 thoughts on “A Tour of the Worlds Largest Lunchbox Collection

  1. Mills says:

    Put this place on the bucket list. I was pumped when you said Columbus, Ohio since I live in Cincinnati. However, it looks like the museum is in Columbus, Georgia.

  2. hobgoblin238 says:

    But he is mistaken and might not know it. I have seen NEW lunchboxes in comic book stores. Hellboy, new Batman etc. The metal lunchbox fad has not ended. Heck the Partridge Family DVD set I bought was encased in one.

  3. plcary says:

    Every time I think I’m out, you pull me back in! I have bought, sold, collected lunchboxes many times since the early 90s. I try to ignore them but then I see things like this and just want to mortgage the house to start collecting again!

  4. A fantastic video and certainly a place that I’ll have to visit before I’m through. I’ll admit that I cannot recall ever seeing a Mr. Merlin lunchbox though in my younger days!

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