My Memories of the USA Cartoon Express

USA Cartoon Express

Remember how rare cartoons were on television back when we were kids? We got them on Saturday morning, maybe early Sunday if we were lucky, and a few holidays. Cartoons airing during the week, or at night, were unheard of. Then, someone at the USA network had a brilliant idea. An idea way ahead of its time.

Six straight hours of cartoons, Monday through Friday,

For those lucky enough to have cable, it was a rare opportunity to watch cartoons right after dinner, during a school night. Grape Ape, Hong Kong Phooey, Jabberjaw, and Captain Caveman to name a few. Oh, and that weird one with the rhino thing that fired fireballs and his buddy, the blob guy? What in the world was going on there? Was it the Herculoids? I guess I can just Google ‘blob with fire shooting dinosaur thing’.


Then there was the Laff-O-Lympics, which I kept close score of. The ‘Really Rottens’ managed to win twice. And once all three teams managed to tie, if I remember correctly. I need to find my old trapper keeper to double-check.


But what I remember most about the show are the bumpers…

And this….

And then this little commercial for the show…

This show is the sole reason I asked my parents for Grape Ape footy pajamas. (Note: I’ve searched the entire internet for these things… I swear I owned them.)

USA Cartoon Express lasted from 1982 – 1996. That’s impressive. And even though it may have been a dumping ground for outdated and mostly mindless cartoons, it helped fill that six-day void we were all forced to endure. A void I was more than happy to fill with such classics as ‘The Robotic Stooges’.

The Robotic Stooges

Patrick (Nerd Out With Me)

It's fair to say I watched too much television as a child. Yes, I still have my Scratch & Sniff album. And yes, I still occasionally seek it out in the wee hours of the night. I also worked as a projectionist for many years... prior to the digital revolution.

When I was twelve I wrote a script called"Wembley's Revenge: The Trash Heaps Last Stand."

Maybe someday it will become a reality.

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