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80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Twilight Zone Season 1 Episode 11

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Hey friends! The latest 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode is up for your listening pleasure. So come join Doug, Claymation Werewolf, Phishbon3s and I as we discuss the 11th episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone series.

We have two segments this go around with “The Beacon” and “One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty” not to tread too much into spoiler territory for the podcast but I end up being the odd man out by having enjoyed both segments immensely.

“The Beacon”
Twilight Zone - The Beacon
When Dr. Dennis Barrows (Charles Martin Smith) finds his car has broken down on a dusty road he is fortunate enough to be within walking distance of a small coastal town. Though there is a barbed wire fence with a sign warning against trespassers the good Doctor has no choice but to continue on in search of aid. Upon entering the town he can’t help but notice the large lighthouse that towers over everything. Finding a General Store, Dennis meets it’s proprietor William Cooper-James (Martin Landau) who with some reluctance agrees to let him in come in out of the cold. As the two men talk they are interrupted by a young boy named Teddy (Giovanni Ribisi) who has come to get more aspirins for his ailing sister, it would seem they have no true technology or medicine. Dennis soon finds himself a lodger at Teddy’s house and is more than confused when the lighthouse beacon suddenly comes to life and shines its light on the house…upon Teddy’s sister in fact. What could this mean?

“One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty”
Twilight Zone - One Life, Furnished in Poverty
Gus Rosenthal (Peter Riegert) is a very angry man. A writer by trade with what seems to be the trappings of success finds himself dissatisfied with his life. During an outburst of anger he breaks one of his tin toys from his youth and realizes he must escape for a little while, he feels the need to return back to his boyhood home in Ohio. Doing so he marks the spot from the tree in his yard, like in Treasure Island, to discover a forgotten buried tin soldier. When he digs it up though something unexpected happens and he is transported back in time. He is still standing outside of his old home but now he is dressed in period clothing, even his flashlight has been transformed. Through the window he can see his younger self (Chris Hebert) about to receive punishment from his Father, Lou (Jack Kehoe), for stealing a comic book. Older Gus decides to help his younger self navigate the pitfalls of his early youth in an effort to not grow up and be filled with such anger…but can he truly change the past?

So when you get a moment why not visit the link provided in this post or drop by the McCoyCast Site or iTunes and give it a listen? If you like what you hear why not drop us some feedback and let us know if you agree or disagree with our decisions on the merit of each segment?


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