Heinz Ketchup Memories

My Mom only bought Heinz ketchup, and today, that is the only ketchup, not catsup, that is allowed in my house. Hey, I will go house brand on a lot of things, but ketchup is not one of them. In school, back in the day of shoestring fries and rectangular pizza, the ketchup they used was just as bad as Hunt’s, but I think it came out of an industrial bulk size can made by Del Monte, or if we got packets, they were solid white, with a picture of a tomato on it, with the word “catsup” printed on it. You had to make sure to alternate squeezing both ends before you opened the package to mix it up, nothing worse than pouring the settled catsup juice on your burger, hot dog, pizza, or fries. I like for my ketchup to glob onto the french fry, not just stain it, like I was dipping them in a bowl of tomato soup…

I remember Carly Simon singing to me as I waited for that good ole’ Heinz ketchup…

Barbara found out where she stands against Heinz ketchup..

Trying to get some of that Star Wars feel..

I know this one has been posted before, but here in Matt Le Blanc again..

Here is a western saloon themed ad..

Finally, a strange jukebox ad from Canada..

I do remember buying the Heinz EZ Squirt line for my kids, they came out in 2000, remember them? It was colored and flavored ketchup, like Blastin’s Green, Stellar Blue, and Funky Purple. As seen below, I can’t imagine why it did not last..


I love Heinz and the Heinz brand, just glad I don’t live in the UK where they offer these gems..

Image via Steve

Image via Steve


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6 thoughts on “Heinz Ketchup Memories

  1. Great post! One of my favorites was this one


    only because Ernie’s line of “You Don’t?” was so resentful.

    But he had the last laugh, didn’t he?

    Fun production note – that street at the end where Ernie’s buddies get their come-uppance is at the east end of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Feliz. In the background, you can clearly see The Wacko Soap Plant, which is one of my FAVORITE kitschy shops in Los Angeles. It is still there.


  2. reerun25 says:

    I am the only one who dips pizza in ketchup on here? Man, you would be surprised what all I eat ketchup with..

  3. I am a “pizza and ranch” kind of guy and not know “pizza and ketchup” people existed until last weekend. My wife had made some frozen pizzas for dinner and around midnight I was walking through a dimly lit kitchen when I saw a couple of pieces of pizza left behind on a plate and decided to snag one. I took one bite and spit it right back out — YIKES, what was THAT? I flipped the lights on to discover one of the kids had covered their pizza in ketchup! I went to bed and my wife asked what all the noise was. I told her one of the kids had covered their pizza in ketchup! She laughed and said that was her! 18 years of marriage and I have never seen her do that. I hope to never see it again, either. Ranch for life — sorry guys.

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