Stefani Rennee’s Illustration For Sheila From The Dungeons And Dragon Cartoon is Fantastic!

Image courtesy of Stefani Rennee's deviantART page.
Image courtesy of Stefani Rennee’s deviantART page.

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was certainly one of my favorite animated series back in my youth and to be honest I still enjoy it. Though I had played a little D and D before seeing the series it certainly helped to bring in other kids at school to give a shot at a Role-Playing game…even if that was just on the playground with very simple rock-paper-scissor rules.

So imagine my surprise when I came across this stunning illustration for Sheila, one of my favorite characters from the animated series. Make sure to visit Stefani Rennee’s deviantART page to see the illustration for Eric and other fantastic artwork!

It’s Saturday and that is always a good time to watch some classic 80s cartoons so why not join me as we watch one of my favorite D and D episodes entitled “The Hall of Bones”!

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