Remembering Starriors!
Image via Fred's Workshop

Remembering Starriors!

Image via Fred's Workshop
Image via Fred’s Workshop

We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. This meant that while I didn’t always have the newest, shiniest or biggest toys, I did create some fond memories of some of the lesser-known toy lines that quickly ended up in the bargain bins.

One of these was the Starriors line.

Based on the more popular Zoids line (including the tiny silver “pilots” in that sat in the heads), it featured robots and vehicles with internal wind-up mechanisms that did cool stuff like spin the drills and saw blades in their chests. Did I mention they had FRIKIN’ DRILLS AND SAWBLADES IN THEIR CHESTS? I’m honestly confused about why these didn’t catch on more.

They must not have been super-popular, because I had almost all of them, even the “big” ones and the wicked playset shaped like a cobra (!). I remember getting tons them from a particular local discount store that never carried A-list toys.

I don’t remember much of the narrative behind them, and didn’t really view them as individual characters like I did my Joes and Transformers. I just thought of them as really cool robots. The Wiki article indicates that there was a comic tie-in with what sounds like a fairly deep story about humanity abandoning the surface of the earth due to solar flares and creating the Starriors to make the surface habitable again while humanity hibernated underground.

I’d like to track down some of those comics…

Anybody else a fan of these great little bots?


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  1. Definitely. I got the Cobra playset for Christmas. I hadn’t asked for it and didn’t even know it existed, but I thought it was awesome. Still do.

  2. The removable parts were AWESOME for battle damage. The fact that they were all interchangeable made for some monstrosities that would have given John Carpenter nightmares. Sick kids… :>

  3. Well, there you go. I completely forgot about these little suckers. Like Carlos I am sure these came from a local discount chain near us called Murphy Mart. I liked the removable/interchangeable parts and especially the heads which in my imagination could separate from the main robot and fly about independently. Nice.

  4. i remember those things when they came out plus the commercials for them. not to mention the fun of mixing and matching the parts. though never stayed with the line to completion plus thought the comic which think was part of marvels starcomics line thought was a little creepy . what with the protectors deciding they wanted to go find their creators

  5. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one! As several folks have pointed out, one of the best aspects of the toys was that you could mix and match virtually all of the parts. Heads, arms and weapons could be swapped to create endless new combos.

  6. Love these! Wish I still had the few I owned as a kid. For some reason I associate Starriors with Huey Lewis & The News’ album Sports. I must have listened to it and played with them. Isn’t memory odd?

  7. Great discussion of Starriors! Go to youtube and search Starriors. I’ve made a bunch of videos of my collection.

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