Doctor Dreadful Radioactive Food and Drink Labs


I never owned either the Doctor Dreadful Radioactive Food or Drink Labs. But I remember a group of friend and I were playing board games one night when someone had a memory of them, but could not remember the name. This was pre-internet ubiquity and it drove us nuts. It was so bad that the next morning, three of got together and went to Toys-R-Us to figure out what it was. Sadly they did not have them and no one heard of them. We went home dejected.

Three weeks later, well after midnight, my phone rang. I picked it up and sleepily asked who it was. On the other end was one of my friends, who said, “Doctor Dreadful Radioactive Food Lab” and hung up. I cannot be sure, but I think I slept much better after hearing that.


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