Pregnancy: A Retro Guide from “V” to ZZ Top

Pregnancy: A Retro Guide from “V” to ZZ Top


Yours truly is going in to the hospital for a planned cesarean section tomorrow, which reminds me of two things from my youth.

I’m sure that the first reference is one that is familiar to many fans of this site: and that would be the scene of Robin’s unscheduled c-section from 1984’s “V: The Final Battle”; you know the scene- when she winds up delivering a human baby (albeit one with a lizard tongue) and then a completely freaky claymation alien baby!

The second possibly more obscure reference would be the video to ZZ Top’s 1983 video for “TV Dinners,” and not for any other reason that the fact that it, too, features a claymation, lizard-looking alien, although this one pops out of a microwavable foil pouch and not someone’s uterus.

A word about V: The Final Battle even as a kid, the baby alien never freaked me out (but that may be because I associated it with the ZZ Top video), but Part 2 of The Final Battle really stuck with me for a long time. Especially the scene where Diana is brainwashing/converting Julie while she stands in this isolation booth in a crazy looking nude bodysuit. Some pretty questionable acting going on in this scene.

Now here’s hoping that my first meal after the surgery ISN’T a microwavable one.


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  1. Good luck tomorrow :)

  2. Thanks! I made it through the surgery without any reptilian interruptions.

  3. A “normal” baby?? Bah! Why is there no magic left in the world!

  4. now, now. Buffy Summers must have been thought of as just a ‘normal’ child at some point, too… so there’s hope! :)

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