Casper the Friendly Ghost and a Dead Fox


I have sometimes wondered about the twisted existence depicted in the Casper cartoons, at the fact that Casper always makes at least one friend in every episode, yet is friendless again in the next. I have posited theories including an inability to form long-term memories (ie, Casper forgets that he made a friend yesterday), Munchausen Syndrome (ie, Casper is just begging for attention by pretending he has no friends), being a jerk/self-sabotage (ie, Casper makes his new friends leave/hate him), and the one most pertinent to this episode, that his friends have all died (either due to nature/accident, or because he murdered them).

Now, one flaw with this concept is that they would become ghosts too, and still able to be his friends. That is of course, unless they get transformed into “normal” ghosts (ie, the ones that always give casper a hard time) at the moment of death. Another flaw is that the official policy of the Casper universe is that Casper isn’t some dead kid, but rather that “ghosts” are another type of life-form, not the spirits of the dead. Now THIS brings us to today’s cartoon, “There’s Good Boos To-Night”, for in this cartoon that official policy is proven to be a lie. In “There’s Good Boos To-Night”, Casper befriends a young fox,
who then gets killed (quite dark for a kiddie cartoon), but don’t worry it has a happy ending, the fox emerges from his grave AS A GHOST.


So… I guess that blows the whole “ghosts are ‘born’ as ghosts” theory right out of the water. This in turn casts the whole Casper universe in a new dark light, the cartoon are all about some dead child who is perpetually friendless and lonely. When we look at the other ghosts depicted in the series we see twisted aspects of normal daily life, which makes one wonder if these dead people are trying in vain to recapture some semblance of their former existence, or perhaps their memories are broken and fragmented and they think that this new twisted existence of theirs is how things have always been.


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